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Fabricata Illuminata was comprised of individuals working together to produce a variety of intermedia performances, music and video. Our efforts were directed towards collaboration and the exchange of ideas. The seeds of our creative language lay in the radical, and the trivial, and it was to these poles that we primarily applied ourselves.


Fabricata Illuminata burned like a distress flare in the dark of night from 1984 until June 1986.


FI included Anthony Bennett, Justin Bennett, Jennie Brook, Nick Cope, Darrell D’Silva, Barry Harden, Dave Heppenstall, Martin King, Polly Nash, Adi Newton, Nort, Jane Prophet, Bill Ross, Phaedra Selmes, Ian Smith, Dawn Troop, Mark White, Mari Williams, Phil Wolstenholme, Graham Wrench and Dot Young. 


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