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Created for Swarfhorse- Bespoke cutting edge Sheffield, 2013. Film edit- Shaun Bloodworth, Music- In The Nursery, Director- Anthony Bennett. Duration 04:32.


I Can Do That

"Peculiar Pursuits of a Showman Sculptor" Retrospective exhibition of 30 years of work, at the Western Bank Library gallery at the University of Sheffield, 2013. Duration 05:13.


The Blue Lagoon

Documenting the installation "The Blue Lagoon", part of #PUBSCRAWL 2014 at the Green Room, Devonshire Street, Sheffield. A collaboration with Klive and Nigel Humberstone- In the Nursery. Duration 04:28.



Documenting Swarfhorse- Bespoke cutting edge Sheffield 2013. Duration 05:09.  

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